Scholastic wrestling is the style that is practiced at the High School and Middle School levels throughout the USA. The style is essentially collegiate wrestling with some slight modifications. This style is practiced in various wrestling clubs throughout the country and is also known as folkstyle wrestling. The goal of scholastic wrestling is to pin your opponent to the mat or to accumulate a greater amount of points by the end of the match.

Freestyle wrestling is one of the two international styles of wrestling that are competed in the Olympics.  Like scholastic/collegiate, the goal of the freestyle wrestler is to pin your opponent. Points are awarded for high amplitude throws, takedowns and back exposure to the mat.

Greco-Roman is the other international style of wrestling that is contested in the Olympics. This style of wrestling involves a lot of pummeling, trying to gain inside control of your opponent’s upper body. In Greco-Roman, wrestlers are not allowed to attack below the waist, which results in more dramatic throws.